Talent Acquisition Specialist

About us:

Okay, bear with me on this…. we’re somewhere between a “start-up” and “scale up” – in recruitment language we’re what you call a boutique agency.

Founded in 2020, yep you read that right –  we started a recruitment business in a pandemic when most companies were “right sizing” their business.

We’re two bald headed former colleagues who became great mates and experienced recruiters. After working for two of the largest agencies in Asia Pacific, learning our trade by being hands on recruiters in specialists areas and then growing teams as managers, we decided to give it a crack on our own. We’re now learning how to become directors and business owners. It’s fun in a scary way…

First and foremost, we are a specialist recruitment consultancy with a leadership team that offers a combined 30+ years real world recruitment experience in specialist areas. We’re not all things to all people, we stick to our lanes. We’re not account managers, we’ve toiled away making sales calls, we’ve been yawned at in meetings and ghosted by candidates who don’t have the balls to say what they’re really thinking. Undeterred, we go back for more. We’re inquisitive, straight talking and have a genuine interest in the industries we recruit for. We build relationships that often develop into long lasting friendships. 

We know our markets and we partner with clients and help them to grow their teams within Construction, Project Management, Engineering and Procurement. We care about what we do, we don’t take short cuts just to get a placement across the line. We’ve been told we can be too honest (is there such a thing?), and sometimes miss out on a deal. We’re in it for the long haul – GFC, Pandemics and the bottom of an industry cycle just makes us stronger and more adaptable. 

Why are you hiring?

We’re growing and busy, very busy. We posted a similar advert back in January with the intent to hire one person. We hired three! All three are still with us and we’re blown away by their contribution. They’re awesome…  

What will I be doing?

In laymen’s terms, you’ll be speaking to and meeting candidates within the Construction, Project Management, Engineering and Procurement industries. You’ll be finding out about their skills, experience and career objectives, appetite for switching jobs and finding out what makes them tick. You could be sourcing for a specific vacancy or building a “pool” of in demand candidates.
On a broader level, you’ll help shape who we are, what makes us different and help build our brand within our chosen markets. As we grow, there will be opportunities for you to grow too.

About you:

Approachable, inquisitive, and someone who can build rapport quickly. Your friends will describe you as someone they can trust and rely on. You’ll be resilient too, success comes in a variety of forms but doesn’t necessarily happen overnight. We’re not necessarily looking for someone to have recruitment or a sales background, you may have experience in retail, hospitality, HR or Marketing. You may even have experience in Construction, Engineering or Procurement and be looking for a change. 
It’s probably easier to list the things you’re not:

  • a clock watcher
  • a blamer (make a mistake, own it, learn from it and move on)
  • a panicker (you know, the kind of person who will harvest loo roll and the first sniff of a lockdown or clean out the supermarket of lettuce) 
  • a negative Nancy or Pessimistic Pete, and the most important one of all;
  • easily offended 

What we offer:

We’re pretty flexible, our preference is to offer a hybrid or office-based work environment. We’re building a team with heaps of personality. You can work part time or full time, we have families and know how unpredictable life can be. In addition to 4 weeks standard annual leave, you’ll also receive Christmas holiday leave covering you for the time between Christmas and the NY. 
Free coffee – just don’t take the piss, this isn’t free for your mates too. Free lunch, not every day, we’re not made of money but once a month have a pub feed. There’s also random days were we’ll order something in from Uber Eats. 
We don’t take each other seriously but we do take our work seriously. We own our mistakes, we celebrate our wins and we constantly look at ways we can improve.

Like to know more?

It all starts with a conversation. Before recruitment, our backgrounds included working in a bottle shop, kids camp, hospitality and quoting gas connections. 
Get in touch, either pop us an email at hello@peterjacob.com.au, hit apply and attach your resume or give us a call on 0478088245 or 0425357074